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What is VoThink βeta Innovation Voting System?

βeta testing means that we are still working on VoThink really, really hard. We think that VoThink is now ready to be tried out by the public. The name is really about telling that we are still testing our creation and there might still be some flaws in it.

What does Beta mean to me as a user?

During the beta testing, there might appear some errors and things may not seem to be in right place.

Don't worry though: we will keep fixing all the problems that might occur.

What if I find a damned bug or an unexpected error?

A neat thing would be if you could tell us about the problem. That way we can fix it and make your VoThink experience better than ever. Users who are signed-in can see a button with "feedback" text on it right on their toolbar. You can also email us at our VTKU Support Team

Features and fixes under development work:
  • Combined way to send promotional messages and upload candidate pictures will be added.
  • Pinterest, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ integrations are under investigation.
  • Possibility to remove lists is under development.

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